The Observer: Ageism, Miriam?

I know just how¬†Miriam O’Reilly feels.Last week, O’Reilly very deservedly won her age-discrimination case against the BBC.

“You’re going to have be careful about those wrinkles,” one colleague said to her. “Is it time for Botox?” joked another.

Someone else suggested (how rude) that she might not pass the prime-time test of being young and pretty. I imagine a cameraman hovering around her in some random field, waving a can of black spray just in case she needed to touch up any grey.

Yes, truly, I know just how she feels. Even if I am 24 years younger than she is.

To explain: I’m not suffering from some weird reverse-ageing syndrome like Benjamin Button. I haven’t got grey hair or wrinkles. But that’s the problem. I suffer from the Reverse O’Reilly Effect. She got judged for looking too old. I get judged for looking too young.

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